Songs, weather and office make you go back to small again, a way of escape!

Miss being small school kid again…. Cause sometimes life happens, and life hits you hard… Songs, weather and office make you go back to small again, a way of escape.

Being a child, I always hate school things, like school, homework, and stuff. Ever since I have grown up and lived an office life, with 6 working days, I miss the school holidays, the half days and coming back to home so early.

In school, you can make as many excuses as possible and get an amazing escape, but sadly in office life, you can never make a solid excuse, all your excuses are tested, like double cross and check. You are sometimes even compared as well.

Karachi is not good with weathers, but when it changes, everyone gets stuck with the magical moments.

Karachi and rainy day; schools get off but office? Never, even if you are dying people expect you to still attend the office, because who doesn’t need to work on time.

So, these days Karachi is being amazingly playful in terms of frequent weather changes. Weather not only changes your mood but also changes everything around you. Most of the people are cheerful on a rainy day, they sing songs, hangout, plan a long drive, dinners, and whatnot, to completely enjoy a yearly event. To be honest, in Karachi rain feels like a yearly event. So why won’t people enjoy it?

 You will find everyone helping each other when they are stuck in traffic jams, they will keep their cars slow so that scooter can pass on easily, they show they have patience and humanity. You will also find small kids jumping in that rainwater near signals or under the bridge.

Watching all this feels so pleasant, people will literally go on the beach to enjoy more, will eat pakora and bhutta, drink tea, even upload states of rain. People get so fond of all this, that without getting paid they will upload and update so much on the rain that it will start trending on top. Do you know what it is to trend on top on twitter? How much effort it requires?

Well, people get so crazy about good weather and good monsoon.

But what about those who are stuck badly in office? Sadly, those who use to peep out of the window to enjoy the weather because of their work doesn’t allow to go and enjoy the yearly rain.

Oh! how can we forget k-electric?

The feeders get easily trip if there is a wind storm or a few droplets of rain, electricity loves to play hide and seek.

Every rain brings a lot of memories, memories that you have of rain, when you were in school, college, office, or university, the poses you have made with your friends, the fights you had, the dances you had, the trapped situations you have, the punishment you get and what not? Especially the antakshari, the games, samosa party drinks, and songs. Every group has a guitarist and the one who used to sing all the wrong lyrics.

What nostalgic moments!!

The rain has those romantic and those fast track songs, where you literally feel like you are a Bollywood actor and you have a performance ahead.

Anyone have that kind of memory? Where you have felt like a Bollywood actor??

I have a lot, let me share a few with you all.

Firstly, my coaching days, I remember heavy raining and we all wanted to have ice cream there was a shop in the lane corner shop, so we all went but the tricky part was the lane have water, (ganda pani) so we went holding each other. On the way back, I had slipped my foot and there was water, ab gande hu he gaye hai toh why not… I saw everyone, and they saw me back, I didn’t wait, I just jumped in water splashed the water like cham cham cham, and one hand I have ice cream half-eaten and on another side I was running like a kid who doesn’t care about the surroundings, even thou that lane was full of Pathan’s cause there was a dhaba. That was such an experience everyone came and said what was that you are all dripping in rain, I was not allowed to get in coaching because I was dripping badly but then they provided me a towel to dry myself a bit, and I was waiting for my car to come. So that was my first and most exciting yet weird refreshing memory attached to rain and Bollywood…

Tell me in the comment section, your Bollywood style rain story that you have enjoyed the most.

My grandfather always uses to play songs when there are rain and loud volume songs. Did your grandparents or parents listen to songs when the weather is good?

Songs weather and tea a perfect combo of describing how you feel. There are times when you listen or dedicate songs to your friends on beautiful weather.

Do you remember your friends tagging you on romantic songs in romantic weather?

Some songs are not only songs, but they are also feelings… they are the mood that defines your current state, mood and uplifts your mood or make you feel low on yourself, even the actor listen to sad songs when they have to play a sad role. So yeah songs surely affect your mood….

August is the month when friendship day or week is celebrated around the world, and yes friends do dedicate songs to each other. My friends have dedicated so many songs to me, happy songs, sad songs, dancing song, to which we dance on, shadi songs and what not…?

What’s your best-dedicated song and when? On what occasion did you friend tag you the song or dedicated the song?

Weather rain and song, I have all summed up, literally, it’s a sum, I can talk a lot about it but wait, let me tell you about the office and the craze for rain.

I remember in my last office, when we use to have rain, I use to go on parking and use to enjoy a lot, like literally round n round pictures cham cham and whatnot, even in the office hours, I never cared for hours, because I am honestly crazy for rain. So, after everything was done, and the rain stopped it was time to go back in the office, but you know what I was dripping and I was like how am I supposed to go in there. Instead of going into the office, I went straight to the cafeteria floor, there they have restrooms which have driers and trust me I have dried myself from hand drier. Lol at myself.

What’s your funniest office story tagged with the rain?

This year in this office, I am controlling myself but OMG I have to say that this Imtiaz super market head office is in such a beautiful place and the seating arrangement we have is so wonderful that it feels like we are in the cinema, it all has that cinematic effects. Especially when the clouds come, the darkness spread, heavy rainfall starts, I am running out of words to describe the beauty I witness which stopped my brain and I have to say that Allah is great and the view this window have…

Simply amazing!!!!

So yeah!!! Weather, songs, and work all three together are hard to digest but if you have this amazing view in front of you, surely you can enjoy tea weather songs and some work during the chill.

Let me know your workplace and how beautiful it gets and what do you think about this 😊

Until next time 😊

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