Cricket Obsess Pakistani

Are you a cricket fan? I’m sure you are!

There is only a small minority of people left now who aren’t cricket fans.  As soon as the cricket season starts, most roads of Pakistan, especially Karachi seem emptier and wider. Not because something actually happens or the crowd is sent away somewhere, instead most people rush to their homes themselves and stay in for hours to watch the whole match!

Love for cricket in Pakistan is tremendous and the passion that people of all ages have is so amusing to see. From kids to teenagers and then finally senior citizens, everyone is seen cheering for our country during matches, wearing cricket-themed t-shirts, painting their faces and what not!

The Imtiaz the family decided that they wanted to be a part of this celebration, love, and happiness and so we launched the ‘cricket mania’ campaign!

We know you all love cricket and we also know how much you love sales so we thought, why not combine the two and present to you something you’ve never seen before?!

Hence came to the existence, the CRICKET MANIA campaign that brings to you the best and grandest sales on electronics! Valid from 30th of May to the 14th of July, Imtiaz brings to your sales on the widest range of products.

To maintain the cricket vibe and welcome you to a place where you can set your cricket a manic soul free, all stores are decorated with cricket-themed flyers and mannequins.

Even the announcements and voice-overs regarding the sales are done in the same manner as cricket commentaries for a more cricket-y experience! We even have in-store pitches!!!

Apart from magical discounts, lucky draws, and in-store activities are also held frequently that leads to exciting prizes that you all will love! A special magazine based on this cricket mania theme was also published that is available for everyone at all Imtiaz outlets.

Furthermore, for cricket fans that follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram or any other social platform, highlights of these events and teasers of upcoming activities are frequently posted along with online activities and hashtags that you can benefit from.

What are you guys waiting for??

We know you love cricket and we know you love sales! And we love our customers!!

So head to your nearest Imtiaz outlet right away and enjoy this cricket season by the vibe shopping and take home lots and lots of gifts with you!

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