Do you want to be Healthy and Beautiful?

Health is one’s a true treasure. If you are a clean, tidy, healthy person, you automatically become a much more appealing person. Health and beauty are very interlinked concepts and taking care of one usually lead to the other.

At Imtiaz Super Market, your needs regarding personal hygiene, health and beauty are being met by ensuring the provision and availability of quality goods.

With a large assortment of cosmetic products from various well-known make-up brands, you can find make-up products that are not harmful to your skin of varying ranges. This versatility in brands and ranges is so that women of all skin types can find products that are good for them easily, without any hassle and at a very economical price. This way we ensure that your beauty is enhanced and you feel more confident wearing make-up that not only suits you but is also beneficial for you and does not require any compromises economically. Kiosks of famous brands like Sweet touch, Essence, Kryolan, and Makeup city are placed in the middle of makeup aisles for easy access of consumers.   Furthermore, even though these high-quality products from renowned brands like Maybelline, Ponds, Carrie, etc. are available at lower prices than market prices, yet for more convenience of their customers, the retail offers frequent discounts on a weekly and monthly basis. These discount percentages keep varying and can range from 5% to up to 30%.

A whole range of variety regarding personal hygiene is also available. Deodorants, mists, perfumes, colognes, etc. from fragrances department; hair brushes, shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, etc. from the hair care Department of famous brands like Revlon, Garnier, Sunsilk, etc., and floss, toothpicks, toothpaste and brushes and much more from the oral care department are available along with equipment like hair dryers, straighteners, and curlers. Also, gift sets for both men and women including make-up sets, facial care sets or shaving sets are available for customers looking for something to gift to their special ones. There is also a variety of health care essentials like sanitary napkins and face wipes.

The purpose of having this kind of huge variety is that the Imtiaz family wants to make sure that no customer is disappointed and tries their best that the demands of each customer are met by making products of all brands and affordability categories accessible easily, under one roof without compromising on their quality and the consumers’ health or well-being.
Health and beauty of Imtiaz Super Market is a massive category that deals with thousands of thousands of products that you can choose from and have no regrets after buying. You care about your health and beauty and Imtiaz cares about you and for this reason, they ensure the provision of goods at the maximum of their potential.