Who doesn’t like a gift?
Or a surprise gift? I guess everyone loves a surprise gift, like, after a tiring day in office or workplace when you reach home, there’s a surprise, a gift waiting for you in your kitchen or on the bed, or even at the top of your counter or in the fridge. It gives you a real smile, and even for a minute you feel like a queen or you feel special when you see that someone around you actually cares for you to chill you out.
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I don’t feel celebrating a particular date, like 14th Feb, the world celebrates, but why only one day?

Why don’t we make it every month, why only we celebrate it once a year? Or only on anniversary or birthday or ….

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Have you ever tried to make the effort every month? This doesn’t seem bored, make your loved one feels special every month, although it seems pretty much like what new to try it’s not something you can’t do. E.g. feeding your spouse, doing helping her in kitchen or asking her to dress up just for you, or playing a game with her, or anything, even these small gestures are a lot for women, I mean these small efforts gives so much warmth to the relationships and gives so much mental peace, that its more than a gift anyone can ever have.

Gifts are always special, in terms of spending quality time, or in terms of giving someone a gift card or anything.

So yeah!

Share your special moments or what special thing you are looking for as a person or what you expect from your loved one to give you? Or what are your plans for your loved one?

Do you agree to the point I have just claimed?

Share your thoughts on this hype for valentine and all the discounts and all the redness around, and all the Bollywood charm which every heart fell for.

Until next time.

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