Ever heard of this term?

Nope! Let me tell you about this in brief and in short both ways 😉
In short, if you want to know about the term and its properties are: the people who are slim and still says we are fat and do diet or pretend that, OMG! I have eaten this much! Now what will I do to loose it, (eating disorder characterized by low weight, fear of gaining weight,) for these type of people or mind set ‘Anorexia’ term is used.

anorexia nervosa help.jpg
Anorexia Nervosa

Weight conscious and overly thinking about weight are two different things. One should not mix both together, just because things goes out of your control doesn’t mean you will stick to that one thing and punish yourself through diet and less eating or eating disorder style. Obese or thin both are so how wrong to your body. If you are fat you are depressed soul you have lost all your focus from life and positive things around you. To over come you need positive books to read, some exercise, a change of place and routine, parents’ guidance and importance, which I assume not much people get and that’s why they visit psychiatrists or go on a habit of using pills which harms you rather than give you peace in a longer period.

Overly Thinking

People should follow a healthy lifestyle which leads to a better future. Which means to eat healthy food, once a week a cheat meal, exercise at least 3 days a week, it will not only keep you fit but also will keep your body healthy and active. Once your body is healthy your mood and brain are fresh. You feel alive and positive vibes are always there. Try to eliminate the element of being with abusive people or people who are low on energy or having a demotivating kind of style, because this will only drain your positive energy, it will only affect your positive status not them. They won’t be gaining any positivity from you but yes, they will drain all the good out of you.

Anorexia Meal Plan
Positive Energy

I am not promoting the idea of being rude or unhelpful but remember when traveling in plane they always say your safety or self-safety comes first, when you are strong enough to deal with the negative sides and people and negative energy please help out the ones who are in need and are unable to self-help, but if you feel uncomfortable or low in your own than don’t! its not a good option for you.

Self-Help & Treatment



Stay happy and blessed, no matter what your body type is, keep loving yourself, which should be your top priority, without that nothing matters. With this note I would like to end the topic here. Let us know how helpful this blog was for you? If you have anything you want to share or write or add on then please comment down or write us at


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